Lennoxville, QC to Tatamagouche, NS by way of Hampton, NB. Tuesday and Wednesday the 30th & 31st of March, 2010
Mar 31st, 2010 by susan_dyer


Tuesday the 30th of March was overcast, gray and threatening snow.  We watched the weather channel on the motel TV and the storm was still on its way, heading east through Ontario and Quebec.  So we decided to cross back over into the States to see if we could get out of it’s way.  It was not a great day for pictures.  :)   We passed small farms on the old roads of Quebec…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 920

The road through to the border crossing at Woburn QC and Coburn ME runs fairly straight….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 925 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 929

This was miles later, and you can see that same patch of snow on the far hill is now a little closer….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 938

We were still managing to avoid the snow, but we were travelling through lots of rain.  Thankfully the wipers were holding up to the strain.  There was no going back to North Carolina to get them fixed under warranty….  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 941

Once we crossed into Maine the snow was still pretty deep in the woods…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 949

…and the lakes were still frozen….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 958

It was raining through Sugarloaf….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 965

The Herbert Grand Hotel in Kingfield, Maine looked like it might be a great place to stay someday, on another journey… :)


30March2010AmishDamonShirley 969

The river in Kingfield was flowing fast that day….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 974

It certainly wouldn’t take long for the snow to disappear from the woods and fields with rain like this….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 978 

These pictures were likely taken somewhere between Anson and Madison, Maine.  The water was raging in the river….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 991 

…and eating away at the banks…..

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 982

We stopped for a quick minute and Jim was a little peeved at how close I was getting to the edge…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 985

  And a bit farther down the highway… 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1000


30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1004 

And finally, the USA/Canada border crossing in Calais and St. Stephen.  As it turned out, this was probably the last time to go through Customs here.  A brand new facility, designed to handle large trucks and RV’s has since opened several miles upriver.

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1011

We stopped in at St. George to see how our old house was making out as the years passed by.  This was the garage that we could hardly get to one winter because the snow was piled up to the roof with snow!  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1014 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1015

Jim hated to mow this part of the front lawn….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1016

The new Anglican church in St George….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1019

We crept into Hampton, NB after dark on Tuesday evening.  I stopped writing my diary the evening before in Quebec, so I have no notes about our stay.  I don’t have any pictures after our visit to St. George in the late afternoon so I’m assuming it was dark.  :)   We always enjoy our stays with Shirley, although it has been several years since we visited.  I suppose it must have been the summer of Maggie’s wedding.  We woke the next morning to a clear view of all kinds of beautiful deer in Shirley’s back yard.  Shirley has different adjectives to describe the deer, but I think that they are gorgeous! 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1031

You lookin’ at me???  

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1035 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1038 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1042


30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1043

After a great breakfast and delicious coffee, it was time for us to be on the road again!  Shirley sends us off with a big wave…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1049  30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1051

The Kennebecasis River across from Shirley’s home…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1057

Finally, home again!  :)   The New Brunswick / Nova Scotia border…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1063

What a wonderful sight after being away for so many months!

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1064

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1066

Jim goes in to the Tata Post Office to see if we have any mail…  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1067

The place doesn’t look too bad.  Just lonely and forlorn…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 1069

Our 5 and a half month odyssey had ended with us returning home safe and sound.  Good old ‘Zuki crossed ‘driving to California’ off his bucket list.  Now the work of starting another motel season could get underway.  Thanks to everyone who took this journey with us by tuning in to the blog every so often.  Maybe we can all get together and do this again next season!!  :)

And that’s all folks!!  :)


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