Las Cruces, NM to Junction, TX, Saturday the 13th March, 2010
March 13th, 2010 by susan_dyer


On Saturday the 13th of March we had breakfast at the Best Western restaurant….

13Mar2010NewMexico 320 

13Mar2010NewMexico 324

…and very soon we were on our way, still on the I-10, and crossing into Texas! 

13Mar2010NewMexico 335 

13Mar2010NewMexico 337

Outside El Paso, Texas….

13Mar2010NewMexico 340

If you ignored the adobe housing in the background, you might think that you were in Hartford or New Haven, CT looking at these brick industrial buildings….

13Mar2010NewMexico 342

13Mar2010NewMexico 343

Even these homes might be just about anywhere in New England….  Except of course that the dreary concrete walls were painted and decorated in most of the west….  just sayin’    :)  

13Mar2010NewMexico 350 

13Mar2010NewMexico 353

But before very long we were out in the vast flatness of west Texas…

13Mar2010NewMexico 382

Saw it, but I have no idea what the SB stands for. 

13Mar2010NewMexico 386

Horses for Abby!  :)

13Mar2010NewMexico 388

13Mar2010NewMexico 391

These were the steps and the hill that Jim and I climbed on our way west in November. 

13Mar2010NewMexico 392

Another one for Abby!  :)

13Mar2010NewMexico 394 

13Mar2010NewMexico 404 

13Mar2010NewMexico 410

This abandoned building was out in the middle of “nowhere”, near the road to Kent and Ft Davis, Texas.

13Mar2010NewMexico 417

But mostly it was mile after mile after mile of this…

13Mar2010NewMexico 421

13Mar2010NewMexico 427

….with the occasional painted overpass…  :)

13Mar2010NewMexico 428

13Mar2010NewMexico 429

…and the occasional home…..

13Mar2010NewMexico 434

13Mar2010NewMexico 441

We saw a lot of these pointy hills, and I googled every description I could think of to see what they are called, but nada…  Anybody know? 

13Mar2010NewMexico 443

You could sometimes see trucks and cars miles away because of the trail of dust that they left behind them as they drove along the dirt roads….

13Mar2010NewMexico 451 

13Mar2010NewMexico 455

On our way into Ft. Stockton, we saw this tableau of Native Americans riding horses.  There were no visible signs that we could see to explain the scene.

13Mar2010NewMexico 457

On the other side of Ft. Stockton, we saw this group of Cavalry….  So I looked it up on Google and found this wonderful web site…


13Mar2010NewMexico 463

13Mar2010NewMexico 465

After lunch at a Mickey D’s in Ft. Stockton, we were back on the highway….

13Mar2010NewMexico 471

We soon started seeing wind turbines along the crest of the hill.  Not as many per square foot as we saw in Palm Springs (and who knows how many were on the other side of the hills) but they went for mile after mile….

13Mar2010NewMexico 491

13Mar2010NewMexico 489 

The old and the new….  Will fossil fuel be replaced by wind power?

13Mar2010NewMexico 479 

There has got to be a name for these.  They sort of look like the Pilot mountains of the Carolinas….

13Mar2010NewMexico 492

And these hills were blasted away so that the highway could run nice and flat….

13Mar2010NewMexico 512 

13Mar2010NewMexico 519

As we got closer to a small place called Junction, Texas, we remembered the wonderful BBQ meal that we had there on our way west.  The area also got greener and more fertile, with lots of animals in the fields….

13Mar2010NewMexico 539 

13Mar2010NewMexico 544

Freshly mown hay….  in March!  :)

13Mar2010NewMexico 546 

By the time we pulled into Lum’s BBQ, the sun was getting low in the sky.  We had a repeat of our meal earlier in November.  I had a sausage sandwich and Jim had BBQ brisket.  All this with home made potato salad and home made lemonade.  So good.  Junction is not large enough to have a Priceline motel, but we did manage to get a nice room for the night at the Rodeway motel right off the exit to the I-10.

13Mar2010NewMexico 562

We had travelled 497 miles that day, and we were beat.  The motel had free internet, so we settled in for an evening of catching up on our email and lots of sleep.  :)

4 Responses  
  • Nina writes:
    November 6th, 2010 at 12:05 am

    You covered a lot of territory that day. A friend of mine grew up in New Mexico and he mentioned the vastness of west Texas.

  • Sue writes:
    November 6th, 2010 at 1:15 am

    California, Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas all melded into one vast, but beautiful, territory of cacti, rocks, mountains and scrub brush. We know people who dread driving through it each year to get to Florida, but we love it! :)

  • Su writes:
    November 7th, 2010 at 6:45 am

    Sue, I think those are called buttes

  • Sue writes:
    November 7th, 2010 at 8:49 am

    Hi Su!!
    So good to hear from you! And yes, I just looked at pictures of buttes and that is exactly what they are. :) Thank you for solving the mystery.

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