Junction, Texas; Houston, Texas and then Sulphur, Louisiana; Sunday & Monday the 14th & 15th March 2010
March 15th, 2010 by susan_dyer


Complimentary breakfast on Sunday the 14th of March, 2010, at Junction, TX, was coffee and a donut, standing up, in front of the front office manager’s desk!  :)   That took all of 5 minutes and we were back on the road, heading east on the I-10.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 001

It was fixin’ to be another long day of putting miles between us and the west coast.  We ran into a few miles of sheep country….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 006

On our way to San Antonio, we drove mostly through rolling hills and we saw a lot more trees than we had seen in the last few days….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 015

I just had to include this bathroom wall on one of the road side Rest stops along the way!  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 018

We skirted to the north and east of San Antonio because there was an RV that Jim wanted to see in a small place called New Braunfels. The rig was bad the town was pretty.  We passed through several small places before we arrived at New Braunfels.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 022 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 024

We drove along the Guadalupe River for a mile or two….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 029

People were picnicking along the side of the river….  Haven’t seen that at home in years! 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 031

I liked this tree house, high on a hill ….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 038

…and the dreaded Redbud was just starting to come into full bloom….  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 039

The rest of the drive to New Braunfels was one of  just one beautiful ranch gate….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 044

…after another….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 050

… and another ….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 053

 Finally we arrived in New Braunfels.  A cute little place, with some funky looking architecture.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 066

This looked like it might be an old Inn, and it was for sale….  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 069

This particular Bison was definitely outstanding in his field….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 081

And this reminded me of the artwork that we passed in Ft. Stockton, but I didn’t see any listing of it on the link that I posted in the last blog entry….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 085 

As usual, we stopped at some of the State Rest Stops on the I-10.  I took a picture of this one because I liked the flower pot on top…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 091 

The miles rolled away across amazing farm and pasture land….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 102

….we started to see some more oil derricks as we got closer to Houston….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 105

And then, because we had to see a man about a dog in Houston, we found a room at an absolutely glorious hotel called the Hampton Inn and called it a night.  Well, we called it a night after a great take out pizza, but what a room!  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 112

Monday morning was bright and sunny.  We had an appointment with, you guessed it, yet another RV dealership in Houston called PPL.  This place, which is huge, takes RV’s on consignment from people all over the States.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 125 

We drove around and around Houston, not because we were lost (we had our trusty GPS), but because Houston is just that way…. confusing.   PPL is located pretty much right under this tangle of ramps.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 151

As you can see on the GPS, we had to get from here to there.  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 136

We had a great couple of hours at PPL. 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 142 

I fell in love with one particular rig….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 143

Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to get back on the road.  We drove through Houston, still on the good old I-10….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 160

This was painted concrete, but it was still pretty….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 155 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 161

 24Mar2010SharonGerry 162

With Houston behind us we soon hit open road and less traffic.  We crossed the border from Texas in to Louisiana and we had hoped to stay in a place called Beaumont.  There was nothing there in our price range, :) so we continued on to Sulphur, LA where we got a room at a Fairfield Inn.  It wasn’t as glamorous as our room the night before, but it was decent.  After three loads of laundry, and yet another pizza for supper, I worked on the Santa Marta blog.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 178

The next day we drove through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida!  Yikes!

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  • Nina writes:
    November 9th, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    The Hampton Inn is gorgeous! Looks like you were getting some good weather, too.

  • Sue writes:
    November 10th, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    The weather was great Nina! Shorts and flip flops…. :)

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