Sulphur, LA to Brandon, FL; Tuesday & Wednesday the 16th & 17th of March 2010
March 17th, 2010 by susan_dyer


Tuesday the 16th of March was dark and dreary.  We were interested only in getting east and the sooner the better.  After a free breakfast at the Fairfield Inn, we were back on the I-10 and travelling through southern Louisiana.  I had to get a picture of this sign for the town of Evangeline!  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 182

The fields along the highway were mostly flooded, on purpose I think, for some sort of aquatic venture by the looks of the red and orange markers.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 185

This place fascinated me.  It was a drive through for cigarettes!! 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 190

And then we drove through Rayne, the frog capital of the world!!  :)   This web site explains some of the history of this frog capital…


24Mar2010SharonGerry 196

Lots of the businesses in town used a frog in their signs!!!

24Mar2010SharonGerry 191

And, wouldn’t you know it, a decorated underpass….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 198 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 200

Louisiana seems like it would be a great place for “foodies”…  Hundreds of signs talked about Boudin, which we looked up, because we had never heard of it.  Turns out to be sausage of many different types.  Cracklins you ask?   We call them pork rinds!  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 202

The land was very wet, and we travelled for miles on these elevated highways through the swamp….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 221

With all of that water there had to be an occasional bridge….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 223 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 226

Baton Rouge, LA.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 231

Just passed Baton Rouge we had a choice of staying on the I-10 and continuing to New Orleans…or bypassing the city by going off on the I-12.  We decided to bypass New Orleans.  :(   We had such a great time there on our last trip and I would have loved to have gone back for a visit, but we were already taking a lot of extra time to nip into Florida so I just waved as we went by.  Our next stop was at Ponchatoula, LA.  Jim had wanted to visit an RV dealer there, so in we went.  I took a pic of these bears for Clare…. 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 234

…and I took these gorgeous Magnolias for me…but the less I say about this particular RV dealer the better.  :(  

24Mar2010SharonGerry 238

This home developer was on the same road as the RV dealer.  ‘Nuff said…..

24Mar2010SharonGerry 240

Soon after joining back up to the I-10, we entered the great state of Mississippi….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 246

There were miles of these billboards advertising different entertainers that were appearing at some venue or other, probably a Casino….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 248

Biloxi came and went…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 251 

The highway followed miles of the low lying coast, all of which was flooded by Hurricane Katrina only a few years before.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 255

Then on in to Alabama the beautiful!  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 262

I don’t remember Grand Bay, but I did like the picture of the watermelon painted on the side of the water tower! 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 264

At Mobile, AL the traffic goes through this tunnel.  I can’t imagine trying to take an RV through here….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 266

Just after passing the Battleship Memorial Park…..

24Mar2010SharonGerry 268

24Mar2010SharonGerry 272

We caught up to a huge traffic tie up on the highway.   This is a place on the highway where you can see ahead for a good couple of miles…. and cars and trucks were backed up solid.  So we trusted the GPS to take us off on some country roads ….  Some travelers pulled into Felix’s to wait out the traffic…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 277

This was a good part of our view for miles…  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 281

Coming out on the other side of the traffic tie up, we found ourselves crossing the state line into Florida.  It was pouring rain, getting dark and we were close to the 400 mile mark for the day…. 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 284 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 285

….so we found a motel for the night in Pensacola at a Quality Inn.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 287 

Breakfast the next morning wasn’t worth talking about.  It was also St. Patrick’s Day and the weather was miserable outside.  We checked the Chronicle Herald online to see if any of our boys made the front page (… Geoff…no…)  :)   and then we packed up and were on the road by 9:00.  It rained so hard and for so long that I just put the camera away for most of the day.  Besides, you have all seen this leg of the trip several times now!  :)  

I had to get a picture of this guy for Jim.  Now this is some serious hauling for an RV… :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 295

Later on in the day I took a picture of the Bushnell exit…now why did I do that?  doo doo doo doo…. weird eh?  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 297

By the time we called it a day, we were in Brandon Florida, just east of Tampa.  About 460 miles of rain had tired us out.  :(   We stopped to find a room and ended up at Extended Stay America and this is the room they gave us….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 301

We have had some weird rooms on Priceline, but this one took the cake….  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 305

24Mar2010SharonGerry 308

Jim called the front desk to ask for a room change…  Ah well, sometimes Extended Stay America isn’t the best…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 310 

Tomorrow??  …. all RV’s all day….  :)  

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  • Nina writes:
    November 9th, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    I wouldn’t have liked staying with all those tools lying around, too much like home when we’re working on a project!

  • Sue writes:
    November 10th, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    Too funny Nina! We thought we had walked into the middle of the Balmoral during most of June and July!! :)

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