Tampa to Fort Pierce to Pooler, GA, Thursday & Friday the 18th & 19th March, 2010
March 18th, 2010 by susan_dyer


We left Extended Stay America early on the morning of Thursday the 18th …..

24Mar2010SharonGerry 314

We drove to Tampa, not that far away, to spend several hours walking around the Lazydays RV lot. 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 343

Just for fun we walked through some high end units that we will never be able to afford.  I’ll include a few pictures of my favourites for those of you that might wonder what some of these rigs look like on the inside.  This is the living room….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 329

The kitchen…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 331

The bedroom of the same unit…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 323


24Mar2010SharonGerry 320

24Mar2010SharonGerry 335

But after hours of walking around, mostly looking at the used units, we were back on the road.  First we headed west to St. Petersburg to look at a used rig there, passing some weird structures along the way….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 347 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 349

Some of the downtown buildings of Tampa…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 351 

I love the trip from Tampa to St. Pete’s.  The water is so pretty, but I wouldn’t want to be out here in a high wind or storm!  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 358

24Mar2010SharonGerry 360

We stopped at Parliament Coach to see an RV that Jim had been drooling over for months…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 368

It was nice, but not for us, so we turned around and went back over the bridge to Tampa…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 373

24Mar2010SharonGerry 376

Back in Tampa we kept driving east on the I-4 over to a place called Plant City.  There we switched to an old country road (#60) that went south west towards Ft. Pierce.  Along the way we stopped at a Checkers for a delicious mushroom swiss hamburger and milkshake for $3.50 each!!  Sweet.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 385

There were lots of crops in the fields…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 387

Beats me…looks like someone is trying to grow rebar…..

24Mar2010SharonGerry 391

There were bird nests up in the power lines….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 392 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 397

This makes me think of Windsor in the early 1960’s…  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 399

We drove through mile after mile of orange groves….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 403 

We went to Fort Pierce because, you guessed it, Jim wanted to see yet another RV in that fair city.  This one was on a private lot, so no pictures, but she was a beauty.  By the time we finished ooohing and aaahing, it was dark.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 404


We found another Extended Stay America just north of Fort Pierce in Melbourne, where we stayed the night…. and the next morning (Friday the 19th), we were back on the I-95 heading north (finally). 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 406 

 We didn’t stop much that day, just put more miles on the ‘Zuki.  A few rivers that we crossed in Florida were into boating in a serious way…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 416

This has got to be one of the oddest cars that I have ever seen…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 420 

We flew through Daytona Beach…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 430

…except for a quick pit stop to buy a bag of oranges to eat along the way….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 433

24Mar2010SharonGerry 435

Then on through Jacksonville….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 440

Nice to know that the Rest Rooms don’t close in Georgia!!  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 452 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 459

I believe that it was in blog # 2 that I started mentioning the endless sea of orange barrels in and around Brunswick, Georgia.  Four years and counting…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 461 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 468

We stopped at the Jameson Inn in Pooler, GA for the night.  ( Just outside of Savannah).  Nice room,

24Mar2010SharonGerry 471 

So, another 500 miles under our belt, but it was done over two days instead of one.  Tomorrow we had arranged to meet two very dear friends just outside of Atlanta, GA. so we stopped a little earlier than usual so that we could contact them confirm our meeting place.  Next up…Sharon & Rob.

4 Responses  
  • Nina writes:
    November 9th, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    I remember our stay in Savannah, and getting up in the morning to scrape the windshield from frost! It didn’t last long though.

  • Sue writes:
    November 10th, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    That was a fun trip Nina! :) We will have to do it again some time. Maybe more Florida and less Georgia and South Carolina.

  • Sharon Lyon writes:
    November 10th, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Love the Orange Grove photo Sue. I visited Fort Pierce along time ago…
    Have a great evening. Sharon ox

  • Sue writes:
    November 10th, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    Thanks Sharon! I just posted the pictures from our visit with you in Atlanta! Hope you like them! :)
    Sue XO

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