Visiting Gerry in Myrtle Beach! Monday the 22nd of March and fixing our windshield wipers on the 23rd
March 23rd, 2010 by susan_dyer


The sun was back on Monday the 22nd.  If it had been raining, we would have taken some time to find a place to fix the windshield wipers, but had yet another appointment to see an RV just outside of North Myrtle Beach.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 693

  The gorgeous pear trees of North and South Carolina were in full bloom….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 702 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 780

The coach that Jim had a hankerin’ for at TipToe Repo in Longs, SC….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 715 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 705 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 706 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 712 


24Mar2010SharonGerry 714 

After thanking the guy for showing us his rig, we were back on the road heading to Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort just outside of North Myrtle Beach.  Our friends Gerry & Larry, who have appeared in most of our 5 “dyer adventures” , have been coming to this resort for several years now to spend a month or more.  They love it here and rightly so. 


The entrance to the resort is beautiful, with lots of flowers and shrubs and some single family homes….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 729

24Mar2010SharonGerry 734

They love to golf, so ‘nuff said!  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 731 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 726 

This is the area called The Commons and it is where Gerry and Larry stay…..  Lots of condos that are rented out by the week or month….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 736 

This year they are staying in this blue building on the top floor.  They have a great view of some of the golf course and a gorgeous pond…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 740

24Mar2010SharonGerry 741

There is Gerry, waiting for us!  She must have seen us putt-putting up the drive….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 745

Larry & Gerry …..

24Mar2010SharonGerry 746


Larry, Gerry, Patsy & Ron.  All are from St. George, NB.  Patsy and Ron were spending a few weeks with Larry and Gerry and we knew them all from when we lived in St. George, oh so many years ago! :)  

24Mar2010SharonGerry 747


 We visited with them for a while, and Gerry mentioned that there was going to be a potluck later that afternoon.  Over the years, a whole bunch of friends and relatives from the St. George area make their way to this resort in particular and to at least one other resort in the area for a few weeks or a few months.  They invited us to tag along and meet some people that we hadn’t seen in years.

24Mar2010SharonGerry 750

The guys work on getting a few pot luck dishes ready…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 754

We load ourselves into two cars and take off for a neighbouring resort…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 755 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 759

We drove not more than a couple of miles to Crow Creek resort where another of Gerry’s friends was renting a condo for the winter.  The place was crowded and I guess we probably knew over half of the people there, either through Jim’s work, church, lodge or school.  We had a great time and mea culpa, I left the camera in the car and didn’t get one photo.  :(


24Mar2010SharonGerry 769 

By the time the party was over it was pitch dark and there was a slight rain falling.  Yikes…still no wipers!   We crept into Wilmington, about 50 miles north on Route 17, and got a room for the night at a Days Inn.  The next day was sunny again, but this wiper thing was giving me a headache, so I suggested that we spend some time trying to get them fixed.  After all, we were heading north and the sunny warm days weren’t going to be around much longer…. 


It was night after night of hauling our suitcase, computer, bi-pap, etc up a staircase that reinforced Jim desire to travel in an RV….  Here he is on Tuesday the 23rd of March….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 775

Jim fights with the wipers at an Autoparts store after buying a new motor in Wilmington…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 779 

Long story short… we spent a huge chunk of the morning and a good part of the afternoon struggling with the wipers.  Jim didn’t have the tools with him to get to that part of the car to install a new motor, so he drove to a local garage to see what they could do.  I stayed with the computer at a Mickey D’s that had free internet. :)   Jim came to pick me up around 2:30 and was so proud of the wipers that he turned them on to show me how nice they now worked.  They broke again….  Sigh.     So back he went to Precision Motors to get them to fix it, again.  That done, we got in the car and started north hoping to get to Raleigh, NC.  Jim looked at me and said…”don’t ask me to try the wipers!”  :)

We passed mile after mile of glorious Pear trees…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 785 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 789

24Mar2010SharonGerry 790

Who knew???  :)  

24Mar2010SharonGerry 794

This poor old shed was covered in vines and I just had to get a picture of it as we drove by…

24Mar2010SharonGerry 797

Lots of fields had hunters’ blinds…. getting ready for duck season? 

24Mar2010SharonGerry 801 

Just outside of Raleigh we came to a stop for the day in Wilson, NC.  We had only managed to get 120 miles north, but the wipers were fixed and we were finally heading home.  we tried another Jameson Inn….

24Mar2010SharonGerry 810

…and saw our first Robin of the season…  :)

24Mar2010SharonGerry 815

24Mar2010SharonGerry 817 

Looks like another night of hauling our stuff up to the second level…  I wonder where we will end up tomorrow night…

2 Responses  
  • Nina Dyer writes:
    November 24th, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    You were there at a lovely time, those are beautiful blooming pear trees! Think the rig you have now surpasses the one you looked at here, by far!

    Nice to meet up with old friends!

  • susan_dyer writes:
    November 24th, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    Hi Nina,
    We do like the rig that we have now, but there were a few along the road that were absolutely beautiful. :) But they were also a lot more money than we paid! It was wonderful to meet old friends and we had such a good time that day and evening!

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