Hershey, Ephrata and Intercourse, Part Three, Thursday the 25th of March, 2010
March 25th, 2010 by susan_dyer


Our day in the Hershey area was turning out to be quite an excursion.  Between the Cloisters and the quilt show we were ready to sit in the car and take another tour of the area.  It had been overcast most of the day with a couple of light showers here and there.  I tried to just take pictures of the Amish.  That used to be an easy thing in Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario, where a very old farmhouse with a horse and buggy in the yard was a dead giveaway.  But it was proving to be difficult in PA. where a good deal of the Amish homes were much newer, and not always farmhouses.  I have no idea if the owners of this home is Amish or not, but I was tickled with the chairs sitting out on the roof.  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 295

The cars were all very courteous of the buggy traffic….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 297 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 298

These Amish women were walking along the side of the road….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 302

Young men were still out working in the fields with their beasts of burden…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 313

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 305

The farms were large, with the barns quite close to the main house…..

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 312 30March2010AmishDamonShirley 431

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 438

Just look at the size of this place!! 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 450

Many of the homes had long lines of clothes drying in the breeze….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 322

 Besides having working horses and donkeys, other horses for their buggies and tilled land for their crops, many farms had their own small orchards…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 324

These Amish men were building what looked like the foundation of a barn….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 328

More laundry….all black or very dark in colour…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 337

 More horses for Abby!

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 344

This hill was okay in a car…but in a horse and buggy?

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 348

We took this as a sign that we were in the right area…. 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 358

Thank heavens for a zoom lens….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 361

You can see the marks in the pavement from the dozens of biggies that used the road on a daily basis….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 365

Trails of a different kind…  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 386 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 367 

This was a completely disconcerting sight.  We were a long, long way back.  I could tell that there something on the back of the buggy, but neither of us could tell what it was until I used the zoom lens.  I think it is the sunglasses that got me….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 373

This has got to be hard, hard work.  But it keeps the Amish grounded and focused and free. 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 374

This young girl was raising quite a dust storm in her yard.  She appeared to be sitting on a tire, or possibly a slab of wood.  Was she learning to handle a buggy?  Training the horse? Or just having fun?

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 377

This little fellow and his dog were watching the chickens….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 387

The original farmhouse with the new farm in behind?

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 394 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 399 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 406

Not often that you cruise up to an intersection and find three buggies in the line ahead of you!  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 411

They made the corner and were on their way…. lawn mowers and all…..

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 413

This horse and buggy were tied up outside a  a local Walmart “like” store….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 427

 This is one of the biggest tractors I have ever seen, let alone one waiting at a stop sign so that he can drive down the town’s Main street!  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 440

Almost Paradise….  :)  

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 442

“Home of the Outhouse…Ya gotta go”????

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 446

Amish “Stuff”???? 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 458 

Finally, after a very long but wonderful day, we found a motel room in Harrisburg.  This was the first night that we hadn’t had internet since we left Mexico.  :(

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 461

Tomorrow we head north, on our way to Ontario!!

2 Responses  
  • Nina Dyer writes:
    November 24th, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Those farms are amazing. I think Fisher Price based their ‘farm sets’ on these wonderful farms.

    Love the Whoopie Pie sign – I find them hard to resist, very yummy.

  • susan_dyer writes:
    November 24th, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    I could use a whoopie pie right now! But tomorrow is American Thanksgiving so I have to save some room for turkey and the trimmings. I really, really hope that they have pumpkin pie at the dinner being served in the clubhouse! :)

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