Hershey, Ephrata and Intercourse, Part Two, Thursday 25th March
March 25th, 2010 by susan_dyer


After travelling around the back roads of Amish country, we stopped at a shop that sold quilts and fabric.  No, I don’t sew, but I love walking around and admiring all of the colours…  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 255

 30March2010AmishDamonShirley 256

A sign directed us to a Quilt Museum on the second floor.  After asking the guide if it was okay to take pictures, we wandered around the small display.  I tried to get a picture of the corresponding “card” for each quilt.  I knew that this would be information that Nina and Jean would like, but I wasn’t able to get a card for every quilt.  :(

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 149

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 151

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 157

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 158 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 160

I included a closer look at the border of this postage stamp quilt because it is often the stitch work that amazes me as much as the colour….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 167 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 166

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 162

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 169

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 173

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 175

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 176

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 178

I absolutely love this one!!

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 182

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 184

This is the other side of Distant Trees!….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 186

This quilt, hanging from the ceiling, made quite a statement!

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 188

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 202

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 194

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 197

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 198

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 199 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 200 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 201

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 204 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 206 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 207

This was another of my favourite quilts (because of the colours), but there was always someone right in front of it so I didn’t get a good shot of it.  :(  

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 205

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 193 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 213

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 215 

I included this plain white quilt, not my favourite colour, because of the stitching which was a sight to behold.

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 216

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 220

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 226

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 228

  This quilt didn’t have a sign that I could find, so it may have been a new addition to the display…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 229

After touring the Museum, we went downstairs to wander around the aisles of material….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 241 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 230  

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 238

       And another section of the store had quilts for sale….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 251

Back out on the street, we walked around for a while peeking in windows and just enjoying the walk…. A hitching rail for horses….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 264

Quilts billowed in the breeze….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 260

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 267

I really liked this mural…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 282 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 269

Tourists on a buggy ride…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 271

A nursery had set out a lovely display of spring flowers…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 274 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 275

There was a very nice courtyard of assorted shops, no doubt a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker!  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 277



I call this one “Self Portrait”  !!  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 279

One lonely horse in a sea of horse power…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 280

We made our way back to the car along this graveled pathway…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 284

While we were waiting to cross the street, we watched these two young Amish men wait for a bus…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 291

We got back in the car and proceeded to drive around the area… after all,  there was so much more Amish country left to explore. :)   I can see a Part Three coming up for Thursday the 25th of March….

2 Responses  
  • Nina Dyer writes:
    November 24th, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    Thanks for showing the beautiful quilts. I imagine they are something to behold in person! I love your self portrait, too. That is a very interesting place.

  • susan_dyer writes:
    November 24th, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    I thought you would like the quilts Nina!! :) I saw mention today of a place near us in Florida that has lots of “quilt stuff” so we will have to visit them when you get here. The quilts in the shops were out of this world, but cameras weren’t allowed so I couldn’t take any photos…. :(

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