Nicole, Damon, Abby, Caleb & Ramona, Petawawa, ON, Sunday the 28th March, 2010
March 28th, 2010 by susan_dyer


Sunday started with a wonderful breakfast which Nicole was up and preparing for us when we arrived at the dining room table.  This is a picture of pure Ramona bliss as Damon gives her a belly rub!  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 748

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 749

Ramona up close….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 751

Caleb shows me his huge shark tooth….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 754

After breakfast, I went outside to watch Abby and Caleb race their bikes around the subdivision block….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 756

They are pretty much even at the first corner…..

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 759

Abby is ahead at the third corner….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 760

But Caleb shortens the gap…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 763

But Abby brings it home!  Yeah Abby!  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 768

I ask Caleb to bend his head so that I can see the top of his awesome helmet!!  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 769

Abby’s neat helmet…Hannah Montana

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 772

Back inside for another cup of hot coffee and some cuddles.  It was cold outside….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 775 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 776 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 777

Caleb takes Ramona outside for a walk….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 784

Ramona was sniffing out a favourite mole that she likes to play with….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 785

Abby took over the walking duties so I tagged along with my camera and Caleb brought his bike….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 790

Abby gets a hug from Nicole and Ramona gets a hug from Abby….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 794

Caleb was showing me something, but I just can’t remember what it was…..

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 797

LOL!!   Ramona sure does love belly rubs! 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 800

After lunch, we went outside to help Damon get the trampoline set up for the kids….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 802 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 804

Caleb and Abby try out the trampoline….  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 806

They both get some “air” in this shot…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 807

Oh oh…looks like Ramona was missing out on the fun.

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 809 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 811 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 817

Unfortunately, most of the photos of Caleb in the air cut off his head.  :(  

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 819   30March2010AmishDamonShirley 839

Ramona even caught a bit of air with Abby’s help!

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 822 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 833

I was getting a picture of Ramona’s head was scrunched up against the net…and totally missed Abby’s spectacular jump in the background….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 841 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 842

Nicole gathers branches that are left behind in the yard after the snow melted….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 843

Jim supervises the burning of the sticks and twigs that are gathered…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 844 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 845 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 846

Jim & I kept going back inside for a warm cup of tea or coffee. :)     We just weren’t used to the cold weather! 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 847

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 848

 We talked the afternoon away, then Nicole and Damon barbequed pork loin for supper.  Nicole made her special pasta salad that I love so much.  This was finished off with a delicious trifle.  We were so full we could hardly walk.  But Ramona needed to be walked, so Nicole got her dressed in her orange winter coat and Abby got Ramona’s leash ready.

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 849

The look says it all…”leave me alone while I do my business” …..

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 854

So Abby and Ramona walked off into the backyard!  LOL  Small flakes of snow were starting to fall…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 856

Back inside it was time to read a story to each of the children and get the little people ready for bed.

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 859 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 860 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 861 

Grandma taking a picture of Abby taking a picture of her Dad and Ramona….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 862

Grandma gets a cuddle with Ramona…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 865

While Abby takes Ramona’s picture….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 866

What a great day we had with Damon, Nicole, Abby, Caleb and Ramona!  We were tired out by the time our heads hit the pillows.  I went to sleep hoping that those few snow flakes didn’t turn into anything more….

2 Responses  
  • Nina Dyer writes:
    November 24th, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    I love seeing all these photos, Sue! You and Jim had a awesome time, everyone looks so happy. Glad to hear Damon is back home with his family again!

  • Sue writes:
    November 24th, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    We are so thankful that Damon is home safe and sound with Nicole, Abby and Caleb. They had a very long year without him and they are all making up for lost time. :) Can you imagine what Christmas is going to be like at their house this year? :)

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