Petawawa, Monday the 29th March, 2010
March 30th, 2010 by susan_dyer


Yes we did, we woke on Monday morning to a blanket of snow and us without snow tires.  :(   Nicole had oatmeal all ready and it was so warm and delicious on a snowy morning.  

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 871

Abby posed for a quick picture with Ramona before she finished getting ready for the school bus…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 872

Look at those eyes!  And that smile!  She is definitely her Mommy’s daughter.  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 873

Abby wasn’t keen on our walking with her to the bus stop, so we stayed in the yard with Caleb and Ramona.

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 874 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 876

Abby shows us that the snow is sticky enough for a snow ball…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 878 

Bye Grandma and Grandpa….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 880

Bye Caleb and Ramona…

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 885

And off Abby goes to school.  She is getting so big and independent….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 887

 Back inside for another hot cup of coffee.  I can’t believe that it was only a few days before that we were wearing shorts and sandals! 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 888

Damon looks so comfortable with Ramona. 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 889

Ramona brought out her toy and wanted to play….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 891

So Caleb and Grandpa had a great time watching Ramona run to the far end of the hall as she slid on the shiny hardwood floors! 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 892

Damon shows Jim the advantages of his Mac computer.  Jim is a PC man!!  :)   Caleb sure is a cutie! 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 894

Later on, Ramona goes back out for a walk, but she managed to get away from Caleb.  Damon goes into action trying to catch her….

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 898 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 899

Thankfully herding Ramona is easier than herding cats so Caleb soon has her running home.

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 900

Nicole and Damon checked the forecast for us and unfortunately it looked like we had better get on the road and try to beat a big storm that was heading east towards Ontario.  We hated to leave but Damon and Nicole also had plenty to do before he headed off to Afghanistan.  We hugged everybody goodbye, thanked them for such a wonderful visit, and set off for Quebec.  Just as we got close to Ottawa we came up to one of Caleb’s all time favourite buildings…the ScotiaBank Place where Caleb and his Dad watch the Senators play!! 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 904

The snow had turned to rain going through Montreal.  It was not a good day for picture taking. 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 908

By the time we drove through Lennoxville we were exhausted and tried to find a place to stay for the night. 

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 910

We ended up at the Lennoxville Motel and knew it had to be when we saw the Nova Scotia flag in an apartment window.  :)

30March2010AmishDamonShirley 911

We went to bed hoping that we wouldn’t see any more snow until we got home!


2 Responses  
  • Nina Dyer writes:
    November 26th, 2010 at 12:17 am

    Your grandchildren are growing up fast! What a wonderful visit you and Jim had with them.

  • Sue writes:
    November 26th, 2010 at 12:42 am

    We had such a lovely time with them Nina! And every time we see them they seem to have grown inches! They are healthy and active and smart and well behaved, perfect grandchildren!!

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