Panama Canal, Part Three, Monday 28th December, 2009
Dec 28th, 2009 by susan_dyer


I’d guess that it was about 8:30 AM as we waited for the water in Lock #1 to rise to the level of Lock # 2.  Cameras were out in full force that morning and you can just see another tanker pulling up next to us in the other Lock.  We would be next to the Oluf Maersk the whole day!

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 455

The water would eventually rise to the level of the wet concrete…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 433

The ships photographers followed along at each Lock, getting pictures for the Photo Gallery.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 449 


28Dec2009PanamaCanal 474

Before too long, the gates opened and we went forward into Lock #2.  You can see just how high the Miraculous Ace is sitting in the 3rd Lock.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 476

Command Central for the Gatun Locks! 

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 500 28Dec2009PanamaCanal 509 

While the sun had been shining and it was really hot, all of a sudden this big black cloud drifted by and I had a bad feeling….  :)

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 507

Once we reached the front of Lock # 2, we could see ahead into Lock # 3 and Gatun Lake beyond…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 540

The Gloriosa is well on her way out into Gatun Lake after getting out of Lock # 3 and The Miraculous Ace is right behind!  Have I mentioned that I loved my Zoom lens!  :)

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 544

Once again we played the waiting game while Lock # 2 filled with water…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 551

In a matter of seconds, we went from bright sunshine to downpour!!  :)   Jim had left a few minutes earlier to recharge my camera batteries so he missed getting soaked.  See the ladies crouched under the railing?  That is what I looked like, protecting my precious Canon from the rain!  :)

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 556

By the time that I peeked back over the railing, the gates had opened and we were entering Lock # 3!

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 559

Don’t even get me started on what the circle is in the water!  Manhole cover?  Black hole? Creepy if you ask me!  :) Jim says that I’m too dramatic…it is just where the water is coming in to fill the Lock! 

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 567

There were people watching our progress from this viewing stand…  They were probably people who were staying at local Resorts, out for a day trip…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 580

A beautiful rainbow after the shower!  :)

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 595 

We waited for the water to rise in Lock # 3 and then we would be off exploring Gatun Lake!

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 601

We watched as freighters and tankers gathered near the Locks.  Some were waiting to head East and I think the afternoon was reserved for those going East.  Some were waiting until the night time to travel in either direction.  Cruise ships pay a premium to be able to rush the lineup and travel during the daylight hours!

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 611

The water levels between the Lake and the Lock are almost even!  The second set of Gates is some sort of fail safe so that the water in the lake is protected.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 633 

From this angle it looks like the Statendam is land locked! :)

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 635

There go the gates to Lock # 3!  We are now on our way through to Gatun Lake!

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 645

Next up…Part Four and the beauty of the Lake and the countryside as seen from a cruise ship!

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