Panama Canal, Part Two, Monday 28th December, 2009
Dec 28th, 2009 by susan_dyer


I’m starting with this picture of the “Gloriosa” in the Lock.  Right now the water is very low.  As they pump water into the Lock, the ship will rise to a height just below the top of the gates.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 171

There were all kinds of Pelicans in the area.  I got a picture of this one as he flew overhead.  It was still very early in the morning.  We had been warned that the sun could be brutal going through the Canal, but the sun was still very low on the horizon.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 172

An old lighthouse peeking through the trees.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 178

As we maneuvered into position, the little trains on the centre island got ready to guide us into and along the Lock.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 190 

We saw a Crocodile sunbathing along the bank… it is very hard to make out because I had to zoom in a long way.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 199

In the other pictures, the camera angle made it seem like short distance from this point to the first Lock, but it is actually several hundred meters long.  The two workers in the row boat are waiting to get the tow lines from the ship and pass them to the workers on the dock.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 208 

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 210

There is a train “roundhouse” near the end of the pier…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 214

The lines from the ship were hooked up to the trains, two trains at the bow on either side, another two trains at the stern of the Statendam on either side.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 221

The tug boat squeezes into the Lock as well, the better to make sure that all goes smoothly!  :)   You can also see three of the trains guiding the Gloriosa.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 239

You can see how high the ships have risen in the Lock.  Both ships will soon be moving forward through the next Gate and we will fall in behind on the right.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 242

Here you can just see the ship ahead of the “Miraculous Ace” pulling out of the Lock they were in…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 264

I held my breath as I watched this train going up the incline… This marks the spot where the first Lock ends and the second begins.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 267

Both ships ahead of us are now near the front of the second Lock.  Huge doors are about to close behind them, and we will move into the first Lock.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 273

I could, and I guess I did, watch these little trains all day!  :)

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 280

The Gates begin to close behind the Miraculous Ace…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 287

…and the Gloriosa… 

Once those gates are closed, the water will be lowered in the Lock we will be entering…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 296 

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 300

We watch as the water comes rushing out of the Lock ahead of us…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 313 

The water is almost out of the first Lock, and the Gloriosa is already sitting high in the second Lock.

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 339

The Gates open, the bridge tucks back under the railway tracks…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 353

And we finally enter the first Lock!  :)

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 364

The Little Engine That Could chugs along beside us!  The four of these little critters haul the full weight of the ship…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 369

The Lock really, really doesn’t look wide enough for us to fit…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 374

Up ahead the Miraculous Ace is well up in her Lock…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 380

All of a sudden the sun burst over the nearest hill and the temperature shot right up…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 388

A Pelican decided to try his luck by sitting on the train tracks…  :)

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 389


28Dec2009PanamaCanal 391

That is one steep climb!!

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 402

We are pulled ever steadily towards the front of the Lock…

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 419

The crowds are starting to get a little thicker on deck.  Jim & I have been standing here for several hours by now, but I’m too interested in my “first Lock” to take a break and get some breakfast!

28Dec2009PanamaCanal 424

So now we sit and wait for the water to fill the Lock so that we can pass through to Lock # 2.  Since I have gone way over my 20 picture limit, I think I’ll save the rest for Part Three!!

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