Iguanas, Puerto Vallarta, Sunday 14th February, 2010
Feb 14th, 2010 by susan_dyer


On Valentine’s Day we had a very lazy day!!  :)   Shirley, Jim and I took a walk around the Marina, with Shirley doing some shopping at the shops along the way.  While she shopped, I took pictures.  This huge fish caught my eye… Tuna or Marlin? 

15Dec2010Silas 003

Some of the shops sell clothes, jewelry, art, fishing charter tours.  There are hair salons and Spas.  There are convenience stores….and there are the dreaded Time Share stands.  :)

15Dec2010Silas 013 

15Dec2010Silas 005

I didn’t know whether I should include this photo or not, but it struck me funny at the time so here goes.   Poor “Cheetah”, he just can’t catch a break.    :(

15Dec2010Silas 010

I also took some pictures of my ugly friends…the little iguanas along the Marina malecon.

15Dec2010Silas 017 

15Dec2010Silas 018

Yikes!  Good thing that he is only about a foot long…nose to tail!  :)

15Dec2010Silas 024

I saw this pretty flutterby! 

15Dec2010Silas 029

It took me a minute to realize that there are two iguanas in this photo.

15Dec2010Silas 033

Mixed in with the iguanas were some red legged crabs!

15Dec2010Silas 051

You lookin’ at me??

16Feb2010Gardens 156

After our stroll along the Marina, we turned the corner to face the rear, so to speak, of Neptune!!  He stands atop an Art Gallery, and since Jim and I had never been in, we decided to take a look. 

15Dec2010Silas 056

The Gallery was closed when we got there, it was Sunday, but we were able to stroll around an Atrium located in the centre of the building…

15Dec2010Silas 065

Gosh, you would think that the sign would say “Caution- Wild Gorilla!”     :)  

15Dec2010Silas 058 15Dec2010Silas 068

It was a very quiet and restful place, and some of the stores looked amazing.  Time would tell if we made it back before we left Mexico.

15Dec2010Silas 070

Instead of walking back along the waterfront, we decided to walk along the Golf Course fence.  We saw this large Iguana way off in the distance…

15Dec2010Silas 084

I looked again and saw that he had a buddy!  :)     These two appeared to be about 6 feet long from tip to tail, but it was hard to tell from such a distance.

15Dec2010Silas 085

The orange one with the black rings on its tail was quite fast when he got going…

16Feb2010Gardens 134 

He was here, there and everywhere…but the golfers just ignored the wildlife! 

16Feb2010Gardens 141

This guy had a face only a mommy or daddy could love…

16Feb2010Gardens 105

This guy, on the other hand, was right up to the fence where we were standing taking the pictures!  He was a bit smaller, closer to 3 feet long.

16Feb2010Gardens 125

I waited and waited to see if I could get a picture of his hot pink tongue!

16Feb2010Gardens 143 

16Feb2010Gardens 128

After our long stroll, we walked back to the pool for a wonderful, refreshing dip in the water.

16Feb2010Gardens 162 

16Feb2010Gardens 163 


16Feb2010Gardens 169

After the swim, we all got ready to go out to dinner for Valentines Day.  We had a great meal and a great time at “Victor’s” Restaurant.  Afterwards, we relaxed on the Balcony.

16Feb2010Gardens 179 

16Feb2010Gardens 181

Next up, three of us visit the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens!  :)


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